Team L'amove

A collection of artists and professionals from all over the world.

Relinde Moors

Artistic director, Choreographer, dancer  Relinde founded L’amove dc in 2008. She has an acadamic background in theatre education and contemporary dance. With L’amove dc she created a place where she can combine here different skills. More about relinde:

Jenia Kasatkina

Dancer Jenia dances in both Doornroos and Island. She is a contemporary dancer, originally from Russia, living in the Netherlands. She danced with companies such as De Stilte and United C. Jenia is a certified Countertechnique teacher.

Annelies Mertens

Dancer Annelies is a contemporary dancer. Originally from Belgium, now living in the Netherlands. Annelies dances in Doornroos. Besides working with L’amove dc she dances in companies such as De Danser, Dansnest and Danscompagnie Limburg. Annelies is a very gifted teacher too, having a talent to make anyone dance and enjoy it!

Lydia Müller

Dancer Lydia is a contemporary dancer and professional tango dancer. Originally from Germany, she lives in Amsterdam now. Lydia dances in Doonroos. Lydia is besides a beautiful dancer also a pasionated teacher.

Isvel Bello

Dancer Relinde met Isvel in Havana, Cuba and invited him to come to Amsterdam to create and dance Island. Isvel came to Amsterdam two times and stole the heart of the audience. He is a beautiful contemporary dancer and as all Cuban dancers also professional in Salsa and Cuban folklor.

Nola Delsing

Dancer Nola is a contemporary and show/musical dancer. She lives in Amsterdam.

Christiaan Mooij

Theatre director, Artistic advisor Christiaan directed both Doornroos and Island. He has been working together with Relinde since many years. As a theatre director he likes to work multidisciplairy such as with dance or opera.  Read more about Christiaan:

Céline Buren

Dramaturg  Céline worked as a dramaturg on both Doonroos and Eiland. She works with companies such as NNT and Laura van Dolron. More about Céline:

Juri Kuefner

Music Composer Juri has composed the music for Island. With his background in Cuban music and contemporary music he made a unique blend between the two for this performance.


Carlos Machado Quintela

Film director  Relinde met Carlos in Havana. They made a couple of dance films together and Carlos has filmed the trailer for Island. Carlos is a film maker and his award winning films La Piscina and La obra del Siglo are shown all over the world.



Iris van Vliet

Photgrapher and filmmaker   Iris is responsible for all the beautiful pictures you see on this site.  See more of her work at


Nikki Broos (Kunst in Zaken)

Finances  Nikki danced professionaly and then became an accountant at Kunst in Zaken.

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