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Must watch for artists and performers

I would like to introduce you to Marie Forleo. Two years ago I joined B-School  and it was a complete game changer. Since then I think completely different about my life as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I found the freedom to travel the world, do what I love most and make a good living out of it.

I am super passionate about her program, because I see this as the missing link for artists that want to be financially and professionally successful, and for anyone who wants to live a creative, fulfilling life. Work doesn’t have to be boring, demanding, or frustrating. It’s supposed to be empowering, rewarding and fun!

Check it out, Marie is giving away free training video’s now:


Two dancers from different worlds meet in this theatrical dance performance. She is from the Netherlands. Where shops seduce you to come in and buy, where traveling is a hobby and everything can be bought. He’s from Cuba, the Island where everything that floats is prohibited. Where the food you eat is everyday the same, where you share all you have, and nothing every really belongs to you.

What is it like to grow up where the sun always shines, the beaches are white and you’re not stressed out because of all the choices you need to make. Simply because there’s not so much to choose from.

Island is a dynamic dance performance for everyone from 6 till 106.


Sleeping Beauties

A fusion of dance, theatre and animations bring the story based on the popular Dutch book ‘Letters to Sleeping Beauty’ alive.

Three sleeping girls receive an unexpected letter: ‘I’m on my way, P’. From the moment they know that the Prince is coming to awake them with a kiss, they can’t think of anything else.
Sleeping Beauties is a performance is a performance about deeply believing in something you want and not resting until it has become real. A fairy tale, unpredictable until The End.

Dancing Havana

In this little film you will see that everything dances and is part of the choreography: the people on the street, the traffic light, the beautiful Cuban cars. – Winner of One Minute Dance Film Contest of Cinedans and Dutch Dance Festival 2009.

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